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The twitch speed generation wants YOU to grab their attention and entertain them while learning, so CAPTIVATE them by making learning fun again. By using PowerPoint to create a game, Learning can be fun again. Teachers can use games for review or teaching and students can use game templates to create projects themselves. These Games in PowerPoint will help you get started. Thes PowerPoint games templates are free to use and easy to create and edit. All games are created for teachers by teachers.

Additionally, please feel free to upload games with your content. We're all in this together! So help another teacher out so he/she doesn't have to recreate the wheel!

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Bridget Robinson - Teacher, trainer, curriculum writer, educator, who believes technology is a tool that engages students, making learning fun. Lover of #EdTech, #Education, #InstTech #Leadership #ISTE #TCEA #lifelonglearning #personalgrowth ! bschimar@gmail.com

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